Inside Hong Kong's Housing Crisis Via Shocking Images of Coffin Cubicles

Photographer Benny Lam has spent the past four years capturing a dark undercurrent to Hong Kong's housing market. Brimming with neon lights and luxury brands, outwardly Hong Kong projects an image of wealth and glamor, but behind closed doors, for many people, the truth is different.

In his new story for National Geographic, Lam takes us inside apartments known as “Coffin Cubicles,” where more than 200,000 people—including 40,000 children—live. Ranging from 15 to 100 square feet, these dire living conditions have popped up due to a lack of developable land. With a population of 7.5 million, this dearth of apartments have caused prices to skyrocket and for many—pushed out by high rents—to find themselves living in subhuman conditions.