Website Calls Your Bluff on That 'Unedited' Photo | Fstoppers

The photo came out of the camera like that, I swear! Not really, and now there’s a website that can prove it. Developer Piotr Chmolowski shared a new tool he’s created, Pixel Peeper, to reddit and other sites a couple of days ago, and it’s quite revealing – literally.


Drop any JPEG file into the site (it’s not saved on any servers, so it’s for your information only) and you’ll get a readout of all of the edits made to the photo through Adobe Lightroom. If you’re a Bridge/Photoshop user, the edits that were made in Adobe Camera Raw, as far as I could tell in my testing, appear accurate as well. You’ll also be able to tell what camera was used and what software it was edited on.