Incredible 3D Portraits Made of Over 20,000 Screws

Artist, graphic designer, and self-proclaimed daydreamer Bruce Mackley is the creative mind behind a duo of incredible 3D portraits, respectively titled Descent and Turning Away. The artist used thousands of tinted decking and framing screws for each piece, drilling them in at varying depths for texture. This proves especially appealing for blind art-goers who are encouraged to touch his works and thereby create a mental image of each piece.

Yashica teases 'Unprecedented Camera': Coming to Kickstarter in October: Digital Photography Review

Last week's Yashica teaser was met with a lot of excitement. But it didn't take long for people to claim that teaser had nothing to do with a camera. In fact, they said, Yashica was just teasing a clip-on smartphone lens they had already released. Womp womp...


But not so fast! Another teaser video released yesterday seems to hint at the big return to the camera market we were all actually hoping for.


Dutch photographer Gerco de Ruijter is a visual artist with a focus on aerial landscape photography and film. Through his work, he explores the boundaries of landscape photography, shedding light on the processes that cause change, including human interaction and the natural changes of the environment over time. In the photography series entitled Cropped, de Ruijter uses Google Earth as a source to scan aerial views of center-pivot irrigation plots within the American Southwest. Although the subject matter is recognizable as a landform, it is transformed into a surreal abstraction. These photographs are connected by geometry, the circular images inherent of irrigation plots. Yet, the subject matter is made distinct by the evolution of both manmade and natural forces upon the land.

Photofocus | How to Deliver Helpful Photo Critiques Full of Valuable Insights

It’s easier to like a photo than to explain why you like it. It can also be downright nerve-wracking to expose your work to scrutiny by your peers. But, as challenging as it may be, one of the best ways to grow as a photographer is to critique and be critiqued. Going through a critique, on either side, makes you more aware of the qualities that make strong, impactful, photos, and helps you to more consistently include these qualities in your own work.

Geometric Encounters by Minh T. – Fubiz Media

Minh T. is a California-based photograph and art director. In his “Geometric Encouters”, he sets an appointment between angular, linear and circular forms, proving that these one can fit with poetry. The human just plays an extra-role, and his sensibility sublimates the architecture that he can reach.